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The Meta Skills of Breakthrough Collaboration
(Course 001)

Master the practical skills of the world’s greatest collaborators. Become a smarter teammate, a stronger leader, and a more innovative thinker.

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Based on over 100 scientific studies and the #1 business bestseller Dream Teams.

THE STORYTELLING EDGE: The Meta Skills of Breakthrough Communication (Course 002)


INTRAPRENEURSHIP: The Meta Skills of Lateral Thinking and Innovation (Course 003)


CRACKING CODE: The Meta Skills of Managing and Working with Technical Talent and Programmers (Course 004)


EGO MASTERY: The Meta Skills of Managing Yourself and Others (Course 005)


POWER DYNAMICS: The Meta Skills of Creating & Dealing With Power (Course 006)


Course Modules Coming Soon:

Change Management, Clearer Thinking / Cognitive Biases, Civics & Citizenship, Distraction & Deep Focus, Questions & Inquiry Skills, Presentation Mastery, and more!