the Dream Teams group study Program: FACILITATOR’S GUIDE

Help your team master the meta-skills of breakthrough collaboration!

Congratulations! You’re taken on the task of helping your team master the Dream Teams program together. The lessons below will help you prepare for the program itself, and will walk you through coaching your team through each lesson.

Before we start, a few quick FYIs:

  1. The Dream Teams Group Study Program is designed to be taken over 8 sessions—ideally either one session per week or once every two weeks. (You may also spread the program out in larger increments if you wish, though we recommend as short of a time between discussions as you can manage.)

  2. Each session, team members will have about 30 minutes of preparation (watching the lessons in the Dream Teams course, and completing an accompanying interactive exercise).

  3. Each session, you—the Facilitator—will convene your group for a guided discussion of the week’s lessons, along with a special exercise that you will lead.

  4. If you have any questions, we’re here to help you! Contact us here.

Introduction to Facilitating Dream Teams

Before we dive into the exercises and facilitation steps for each group lesson, review this introductory lesson!

Week 1: How Cognitive Diversity Works

Week 2: How To Make Cognitive Diversity Work

Week 3: Getting Into “The Zone”

Week 4: Debate, Trust, and Psychological Safety

Week 5: Intellectual Humility Part I

Week 6: Intellectual Humility Part II

Week 7: The Keys To Great Culture

Week 8: Shaping Culture Together

Wrap Up — Organizing Your Group Celebration and Program Debrief

We recommend putting some of the culture tips your team just learned about into practice by having a group wrap up to celebrate and discuss the program. This final lesson will guide you through how to pull such a gathering off!