Maximize Your Team’s Potential

DREAM TEAMS is an interactive, online training program that helps business teams become more innovative collaborators—whether you’re an enterprise launching a space ship, a startup working on a new idea, or anything in between.

The program is based on over 100 scientific studies, the bestselling book Dream Teams, and award-winning product minds behind The Princeton Review. Over the course of this university-level program, teams build a shelf full of tools and habits they can continually turn to—without a university-level time commitment.

“A must for anyone who wants to create a high-performing team.” –Paul J. Zak, PhD., Neuroeconomist


Created To Help Your Organization Level Up

In the Dream Teams program, your people will learn to…

  • Debate smarter, manage conflict better, and foster inclusive culture.

  • Deal with people more effectively, saving time and helping your organization solve problems in more innovative ways.

  • Turn diversity into fuel for progress—neutralizing negativity, minimizing ego, and learning how to harness “cognitive friction.”

  • Develop skills that will set apart leaders and workers in tomorrow’s workplace, such as intellectual humility.

Outcomes from the program include:

  1. More innovative problem solving at BOTH the individual and team level.

  2. Smarter hiring and team building.

  3. More inclusive culture.

  4. Better conflict management.

  5. More inspiring and effective leadership.

  6. Ultimately, DREAM TEAMS will help you create hyper efficient and highly effective teams at each level of your organization.


"Every great breakthrough

that’s ever happened came from when people worked as a team.

But getting it to work right is hard. That’s why I’m so excited about Dream Teams.”

–Aaron Walton, CEO of WaltonIsaacson


Designed For flexibility with Maximum Return on time

Snow Academy helps you custom deploy Dream Teams for your specific team to learn together:

Self-Paced Interactive Program

Your people can take DREAM TEAMS at your own pace, pursuing the modules and lessons that best pertain to their needs. Analytics reports of student progress are provided—or integrated directly into your LMS with SCORM or xAPI.


Facilitated Group Programs

Your team can take DREAM TEAMS together via a guided program customized by Snow Academy. Includes facilitator/coach training for key members of your team, and LMS integration, if desired.

Custom Roll-Outs

Do you want your own leaders to facilitate your team’s learning? Do you prefer outside coaches? Is your team remote? Do you want to train emerging leaders as facilitators? Do you prefer to deliver the program as an Email Course? Talk to us about these options and more.


The Most Innovative Teamwork Curriculum On The Market

DREAM TEAMS is a five-module online training program that helps individuals and groups become world-class collaborators. Each module consists of a series of video and interactive lessons, assessments, and tool-building exercises:


Module 1: Harnessing Cognitive Diversity

The counter-intuitive ingredients of world-class teamwork: Dive into how great teamwork works—and how the principles make teams smarter can make us more innovative as individuals.


Module 2: Leveraging Cognitive Friction

Getting differences to work: These lessons move from theoretical to practical, helping you become a master of productive group collaboration, debate, and harnessing friction instead of letting conflict grind you to a halt.


Module 3: Exercising Intellectual Humility

The #1 thing that will up-level your work: Part III covers the most important meta-skill for any leader or collaborator of tomorrow. Learn how to recognize, develop, and foster intellectual humility it in others.


Module 4: Creating An Inclusive Culture

The little things that make or break teams: These lessons cover how to adjust your thinking and behaviors, so you can contribute to an environment where everyone gets better together—instead of in each others’ way.

Module 5: Beating Resistance & Managing Change

The program caps off with a series of interactive Q&A lessons for dealing with change and resistance to incorporating Dream Teams habits in your work.


Tools & Habits

Throughout the program, students build a shelf of tools and habits for future use.


Brought to you by Snow Academy,
the School of Innovation

Snow Academy helps businesses level up by developing INNOVATION SKILLS—from executives, to managers, to those working their way up the ladder.

The DREAM TEAMS training program is inspired by the #1 bestselling book by Shane Snow.

From small businesses to Fortune 500s, DREAM TEAMS has transformed the way people work worldwide:


“Highly valuable and inspiring.”


“Extremely relevant… to the entire company.”

“Ringing, shining reviews.” –VMWare


“Dream Teams perfectly describes and prescribes the crucial traits of the ultimate teams.”

–Shane Battier, NBA champion and head of analytics for the Miami Heat

Enroll in DREAM TEAMS,
and level-up the way you work.




How long do we have access to the program? Enterprise subscriptions to Snow Academy programs are renewed on an annual basis. But individual students have access to the course forever, once they’ve taken it.

How long does the program take? Dream Teams can be taken straight through, or students can pick and choose modules that they prefer to study. Each lesson is from 3 to 10 minutes long. If you rush through, it’s about 3 hours of video, plus 2–3 hours of reading and practice exercises. While four to eight weeks is the recommended pace for taking and synthesizing the entire program, you can move through the lessons at any speed you like, and revisit them at any time in the future.

Can my team take the program together? Absolutely. We provide recommended group training schedules—which split the program up into more bite-sized sections for group learning over the course of weeks or months. Talk to us for details on options for customizing your group program to your team’s particulars.