About Snow Academy


Snow Academy is the innovation school designed to help you level up at work.

We offer training programs focused on mastering “meta skills” that help us work better no matter our trade, our industry, or our position. Meta skills are the little things that make the difference between good work and amazing work. They make the difference between getting stuck halfway up the ladder and climbing to the top. They make the difference between getting to the top and raising the roof.

The skills of tomorrow’s innovators, breakthrough leaders, and pioneering thinkers are different than yesterday’s.

That’s what Snow Academy was created to help you master: tomorrow’s must-have skills, like being able to debate productively, to collaborate with people who aren’t like you, to lead with emotional intelligence, to adapt your persuasive communication based on egos and power dynamics, to tell great stories, and to “think outside the box.”

(Walrus, the Snow Academy mascot)

(Walrus, the Snow Academy mascot)

Snow Academy was created by Shane Snow, an award-winning science and business journalist, bestselling author, and serial entrepreneur. For the past 15 years, his work has focused on deconstructing principles and skills that help us understand the world and work differently.

Snow Academy is part of Snow Media.