About Snow Academy


Snow Academy is the innovation school designed to help smart people level up at work. It’s university-level continuing education for businesspeople—without the university-level time commitment.

The skills of tomorrow’s innovators, breakthrough leaders, and pioneering thinkers are different than yesterday’s.

Our training programs focus on helping you mastering these “meta skills” of the future, so you can work in more innovative ways, no matter your current job title. Courses infuse the latest developments in the neuroscience of memory and education directly into the design, to maximize the development of innovative habits in the minimal amount of time.

Snow Academy was founded by award-winning business journalist Shane Snow, and created in partnership with top product and education designers from The Princeton Review. Snow’s bestselling books on innovation and teamwork have led him to be a highly sought keynote speaker at corporations around the globe, and to guest lecture regularly at Columbia University and other top schools.

(Walrus, the Snow Academy mascot)

(Walrus, the Snow Academy mascot)

Snow Academy is part of Snow Media.