Resources For Continuous Improvement

Now that you’ve completed the course, your journey really begins! Here are some resources we recommend you check out to keep the party going:

Recommended Books To Read

  • Dream Teams: Working Together Without Falling Apart
    See the principles of this course in action through the lens of incredible stories in history

  • Trust Factor
    The neuroscience of building trust, and how it applies to high-performing teams

  • A Book About Love
    One of my favorite books for understanding one’s own ego, limitations, and how we need each other

  • Indistractable
    This book helps people clear the way for the kind of personal change that’s fundamental to great teamwork

  • The Righteous Mind
    Perhaps the best book on understanding different people’s perspectives that’s out there

  • The Art of Gathering
    Master meeting facilitator Priya Parker explored how people meet around the world and put together this guide to making meetings count

  • How To Change Your Mind
    Understand one of the more interesting routes to developing Intellectual Humility through the science of what happens when your brain is on psychedelics—and when you meditate

  • Nonviolent Communication
    An oldie but goodie for developing the skills to have hard conversations with empathy. I recommend it more for the framework of how to express yourself to others (the first half of the book) and less for the parts on getting others to open up their emotions to you. There’s fair criticism out there that NVC can be invasive to try to get people to expose their feelings rather than letting them choose whether or not to

Recommended Further Training