Lesson 4.1

The Difference Between Culture And Cult

Dive into this topic by watching the video, then explore the key concepts below.


Key Concepts:


Cults and Cultures share the same root word, but they have a significant difference.

  • Both types of groups have a shared devotion to something: A set of ideas, a person, a purpose, etc.

  • In cults, you may only belong to the group if you conform to a prescribed way of thinking and behaving.

  • In a culture, you may belong to the group as long as you share the same devotion to whatever the group is about—and it is hoped that you will contribute to the group’s thinking.

  • This means that a lot of what we call “culture” in work environments is actually more like a “cult.”

  • Creating great cultures is harder than creating cults, but ultimately worth it.