5-Minute Self-Assessment:

Get To Know Your “Ego Personality”

Our “personality” is one way of describing “how we roll.” The things that motivate you, the things you try to avoid, the things you fear, the way you prefer to operate, and the things you are passionate about—these all make up your personality.

Our “ego” is our sense of self, specifically our self that is separate from other people. Though we often think of ego as only a negative thing, our ego is a tool just like our identities—which means that it can be used for good, but often gets in our way when we face challenges.

Understanding how we are different from others can help us contribute from our cognitive diversity. However, most people automatically prioritize defending and preserving their ego—or sense of unique self—over other things. This causes us to behave badly when we’re triggered.

There are many different types of personalities, and this means that there are lots of different ways ego shows up in different people.

The good news is that the more we understand about our personality and how it interacts with our ego, the more control we immediately have to make the choices we want rather than just what our unconscious ego wants.

The following self-assessment will help you identify the specific elements of your unique personality that contribute to your ego. Answer the following questions honestly, and you will receive a report that tells you when your ego is most likely to show up—and what you can do to control it as a tool rather than be controlled by it!

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Feel free to continue the next lesson in the meantime, where we will learn about some general strategies for minimizing our ego’s control on us.