Exercise: Thinking/Feeling

The Habit Of Speaking With Intellectual Clarity

Intellectual Humility is about being open to revising your viewpoint. Doing this can be hard for many reasons, but one of the easiest things you can do to increase your general level of Intellectual Humility is to alter a few little things in the way you speak in day to day conversation.

The following exercise will walk you through one habit for speaking in a way that helps us separate our ego from our intellect (one of the four elements of intellectual humility):

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A good way to practice separating your thoughts from your feelings is by noticing in everyday life when other people “feel that” or “feel like” when they really should be saying they “think that.” You don’t have to correct them (unless it’s crucial to something you’re working on together), but take note. This will help you to notice when you do it, so you can correct yourself.