Lesson 1.11

How To Build Cognitive Diversity Into Your Teams & Processes

Dive into this topic by watching the video, followed by key concepts below:


Key Concepts:


When assembling teams (or people to consult) for maximum cognitive diversity, it pays to think like a Hollywood director:

  • Directors don’t “cast” only the actors with the best GPAs from Harvard. They cast the group of people who will bring out the most in the roles and in each other.

  • Not every “team” will be able to do this, but this is the way we ought to think about breaking down cognitive diversity and problem solving.

  • After you decide whether the thing you’re working on is novel enough to require more cognitive diversity, step 2 is to “cast” the group of people whose perspectives and heuristics are most likely to help you explore the most of Problem Mountain.

  • This often means that the most helpful people to include are not the most accomplished, not the usual suspects, and certainly not the people who remind you of yourself.