Lesson 1.11

How to Build & Direct Cognitive Diversity (Like A Movie!)

Dive into this topic by watching the video, followed by key concepts below:


Key Concepts:


When assembling teams for maximum cognitive diversity, it pays to think like a Hollywood director:

  • Directors don’t just cast the actors with the best GPAs from Harvard. They cast the group of people who will bring out the most in their roles and in each other for each specific project.

  • Just like in the movies, just because a team was right for the last project doesn’t mean the exact same team is right for the next one.

  • The most helpful people to “cast” on a particular project may not be most accomplished. They may not be the usual suspects. And they may certainly not be the people who remind you of yourself. That’s okay!

  • Over the course of their career, a director will “collect” a pool of great actors and tradespeople who are amazing at the particular things they do—and then draw from that pool to form custom teams whenever they have new projects. You can think of building your own “brain trust” in this same way. The “team” you use to think through a given problem can be drawn from the different people you’ve collected along your way—whether they work with you full time or not!