Lesson 1.1

The Science of Perspectives

Watch the following video, then proceed to the Key Concepts and Exercise below:


Key Concepts:


Perspective, in psychology terms, is how we encode our experiences in our own “internal language.”

  • A geologist and a teenager might picture different things when they hear the word “rock.”

  • An engineer and a designer might focus on different things when they see the inside of an automobile engine.

  • An immigrant and a native might interpret the seriousness of the wording of a Jury Summons letter differently.

Perspective is 1/2 of the “mental toolkit” that we use when solving problems.

  • Perspective is how we see and frame things.

  • This is a valuable dimension of cognitive diversity.

How do you know someone has a different perspective? We can only guess… or ask.

  • Perspectives are shaped by our life experiences.

  • Our life experiences are shaped by who we are, who we identify as, what we look like, where we’re from, and a number of other things.


Let’s Practice: